Boruto Episode 40 English Subbed

  Title:  Team 7: The First Mission

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  • Aditya Aras

    kenapa episode boruto 40 lama ?…..

    • Mohd Hafiz ShahreL

      new year celebrating.. holiday

  • Shisui 2.0

    boruto episode 41 Watch here :-

    • Boruto Shippuden

      thanks man

      • Ketan Naik Gaming


    • Free Meek Mill

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      • Shisui 2.0

        currently uploading bro plz wait 5min

        • Free Meek Mill

          Stop lying…its fake spam link, and you upvoted your comment with your alternate accounts.

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    • Naruto Thesavageninja

      Give me an F give me a A gimme a K and give me a E… We Have,,,,, fakeeeeeeeee

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  • Massacre

    The ED … Where’s Konohamaru another
    friends? … I just saw the girl at the door … where’s the other one???

  • EX㊉ÐIA☥ 💥-={ OBLITERATE }=-💥

    It pisses me off seeing Naruto constantly scold Boruto for acting the exact same way he did that age. I can see why Boruto resents him.

    • Jay

      Well he wants Boruto to be better than he was just like any parent woud.

    • boaplitas101

      Hes just trying to put him on the right path like any normal parent would. Do you sympathize with boruto because you are also 12?

      • Next To Normal

        (not 12) but i somewhat agree. In the sense that Naruto could offer more empathetic guidance. this could also develop an interesting plot overlap

  • Dark Seer

    Fucking Boruto acts like a bitch

    • Chronoblade

      Thank youuuuuu. He irritates me so much. I actually liked Naruto cuz he learnt from his mistakes, and didn’t act like a bitch. Naruto was clumsy, Boruto is straight up irritating and disrespectful.

      • Chronoblade

        And Naruto had a reason or the dumb things he did, he wanted to be recognized. Whats boruto’s excuse.

      • Ryumi Kumori

        Uhuh hes a di*k

    • Mohd Hafiz ShahreL

      i hate dota

  • Shazno

    Fun Fact: NarutoGet still doesn’t have this episode.

    Soooo….anyone else notice this is exactly like Naruto’s main plot mission(I think their first mission was catching a damn cat) about the Kannabi Bridge? First (and obvious thing) is once again it’s about a bridge. Just like the Kannabi bridge mission, the client lied about the mission and it was ranked lower than it should have been. I wonder if Sarada will awaken another tomoe in her Sharingan and Boruto will meet his Zabuza. I wouldn’t put it past them to do the clone shuriken jutsu like Naruto and Sasuke did(Expected that when they fought Asuma’s kid).

  • Jimmy Lyne

    Damn… I miss “old” Team 7..especially Kakashi Sensei..